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Arla is the enchanting and vivacious 29-year-old Haarlem escort with a captivating allure that will leave you breathless. Her mesmerizing brown eyes sparkle with warmth and intrigue, framed by long, lustrous black curls cascading down her shoulders. The moment you meet Arla, you’ll be drawn in by her irresistible charm and magnetic energy.

Arla’s figure is an exquisite blend of grace and sensuality. Her voluptuous, C-cup breasts are a testament to her feminine beauty and allure. With every curve and contour, Arla embodies the essence of a genuinely captivating woman.

But what sets Arla apart from other escorts in Haarlem? Let’s explore the unique services she offers that are guaranteed to make your experience with her unforgettable.

First on the menu is Arla’s tantalizing Erotic Massage service. This isn’t your ordinary massage; it’s an artful journey of touch and sensation designed to awaken your senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated. As her skilled hands explore every inch of your body, you’ll be transported to a world where pleasure knows no bounds. Arla uses a gentle blend of aromatic oils and soothing massage techniques to melt away stress and tension, allowing you to surrender yourself to the moment fully.

Next up is Arla’s Threesome Escort Service – an experience that’s not for the faint of heart! This service offers an exhilarating opportunity to explore new dimensions of pleasure and desire with a like-minded companion. Arla is known for her ability to create a safe, welcoming environment where you can let go of inhibitions and indulge in your deepest fantasies. With her warm personality and infectious energy, she’ll make you feel at ease while you embark on this thrilling adventure.

Lastly, Arla is proud to be known as Haarlem’s most sought-after busty escort. Her voluptuous curves are a testament to her feminine beauty, and she uses every inch of her stunning figure to make her clients feel truly special. Whether during an intimate conversation or a more sensual encounter, Arla knows how to make you feel desirable and appreciated.


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Personal Info

Arla is a stunning brunette with a voluptuous bust and curves. At 5"7 tall and weighing 125 pounds, she stands out as an attractive and mature presence. As a Haarlem Escort, she has gained a reputation for her seductive charm and alluring appearance.

29 yr
C cup

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    These are Arla's standard hourly rates. It should be noted, that for longer bookings these rates can be reduced as part of a package deal. Additionally, specialised services do not fall under the hourly rate, for example anal sex. For most customers this will be an all inclusive prices.

    • 1 Hour €180
    • 2 Hours €360
    • 3 Hours €520
    • 4 Hours €650
    • 7 Hours €1150

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